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Digital cameras are used for many events and special occasions. To transfer our favorite pictures from the camera to […]

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Secrets To Editing Your Digital Photography

The world is curious to know more and more about Digital Photography. Over the past several months I have been getting emails with questions on how to edit Digital Photography, people seem to be very upset with gigantic photos and problems with scanners. Problems ranging from sizing to how to add text bubbles, even how to create an oil painting with digital photographs! This article with explore the annoyances of the scanner and how to fix them. Scanners can sometimes be extremely difficult, some refuse to scan, […]

Six Photography Tricks For Digital Pix

It was admittedly difficult when we first began the transition from straight film to digital photography some years ago. My wife, a brilliant amateur photographer with a special flair for expressive and candid black-and-white photos, had trouble finessing the “delay” that occurred between pressing the button and the digital camera actually snapping the picture. The candidness, shall we say, gave way to more staged poses and less exhilarating results. However, as time went on, we learned more about taking better pictures and also using Photoshop to enhance […]

Nude Digital Photography

Nudity is an art form even in the time of the Greeks. This can be seen in the various statues that were made which depicted the Gods to the paintings done by sculptors and painters until today. Not everyone is talented in doing this so people who want to excel in this art form will use the camera and bring this out. Nude photography can be done showing either half or the entire body. This can be done in various poses and locations, which has made people […]

Digital Wedding Photography Tips

Welcome on some great tips for Digital Wedding Photography. Let’s face it, your wedding is one of the most important days in your life, and you want to make sure that your day is captured in the most beautiful way possible! In which case you need not worry. Digital Cameras these days can make the most ordinary photos looks absolutely stunning. My best advice to anyone is to hire a professional photographer for your wedding day. When choosing a Digital Wedding photographer you need to make sure […]

Digital Like Photography Techniques Just Like The Pros

Eric was finally able to buy a digital camera. Though the price of this was very affordable, the delay was caused by other priorities, which also needed to be dealt with. The reason why Eric decided to get a digital camera was to see if it was possible to shoot the same images as those seen in the magazines or in the newspaper. This may just be a hobby and not full time but this person wanted to learn and be just as good as the experts. […]